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Posted on 2016.10.31 at 01:10
“... Is it alright if I open this?”

Yomiko thrust an envelope in front of Nenene’s face. Nenene wordlessly nodded.

“Here goes.”

Yomiko traced a fingertip along the back of the envelope. It seemed a trivial motion, and yet the glued flap of the envelope was sliced open as if by a letter opener.

What was pulled from inside was a quad-folded piece of white paper.

It wasn’t even stationery, but merely an ordinary piece of white paper. Yomiko slowly opened it, while Nenene dropped her gaze to follow.

The contents therein read as you would expect.

“I’ll be coming to meet you soon. -Yours, Paul S.”

Nenene’s brows began to furrow as Yomiko stooped to gather more and more envelopes, revealing their contents as before.

“You cannot escape. -Yours, Paul S.”

“Sorry for the wait. -Yours, Paul S.”

“I know you. - Yours, Paul S.”

With little variation in contents, it was clear that these had all been sent by one person. Although, they seemingly had not been sent via the postal service. Rather, they had been hand delivered directly.

“... Hmm?”

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