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Posted on 2016.10.31 at 01:11
It was then that Yomiko realized that Nenene had been standing there the whole time.


Nenene had seemed tired, but now in her expression undercurrents of deep strain were revealed.

In the library room and at the approach to the school, she had shown none of the pale weakness that was now evident.

Still kneeling, Yomiko softly took Nenene’s hand. Nenene stiffened with surprise and looked down at her.

Yomiko gave her a smile that spread across her whole face, the kind of overeagerly artless smile she was so wont to give.

“Don’t worry yourself, Sensei. I’ll be with you.”

“... I’m NOT that worried.”

Nenene brushed Yomiko’s concerns aside with a wave of her hand. Her voice had regained its usual tone.


“Uwaaa, it’s huge; there’s so much room…”

Unit 1602. This was the first expression Yomiko gave upon entering Nenene’s apartment.

A hallway lined with innumerable doors led to a living room more akin to a classroom in size. Were one to sweep their gaze to the side, they would espy a dine-in kitchen. Visible through a large window was a line of potted decorative plants lining a veranda.

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