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Posted on 2016.11.22 at 21:21
Current Mood: sicksick

Yomiko stood up from the sofa and headed for the kitchen.

Though it was rude, she opened the fridge, which was full of P.E.T. bottles of mineral and flavored water. Peering behind the bottles, she spotted some beer cans that may have been intentionally hidden. There wasn’t a single item you could call a meal ingredient.


Yomiko returned to the living room and began to absently search the place.

A giant wall projector was hooked up to a DVD player. On the table’s surface lay remote controls for the AC and other systems. It looked like a model room, clean and tidy, but without a lived-in smell.
In this room, Yomiko stumbled upon one relic of the inhabitants. A decorative shelf held a display stand containing a photo.

“Oh my.”

It was a photo of the Sumiregawa family. It looked like she had still been in elementary school, but there was a young, cheerful looking Nenene, hair already sticking out in the back, smiling and holding hands with a man who was apparently her father and a women who looked to be her mother.

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