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Posted on 2009.09.20 at 16:10
"Yes~! I'm a big fan, you see!"

Smiling like a praised puppy, Yomiko fished through her pockets and took out a copy of
On the Street-corner Where the Cats Are.

"I've alllways, alllways loved your books! When I first read this one, I was so moved that my nose almost began to run!"

"... Try to make the flowing stuff tears next time."

Yomiko thrust the book straight toward the dubious-looking Nenene, while still in her kneeling position.

"Well... I'm begging you! Please sign this! To receive your signature, it's been a dream of mine for ages!"

As she looked down at Yomiko, Nenene's gaze grew a bit colder.

"If you're such a big fan, you'd know that I don't sign stuff, right?"

It was true. Since her debut, she hadn't held a single signing event. For her class of novelist, that was quite unusual.

"Yes~! But with that sort of reputation, it makes me want it even more."

"God, you're annoying!"


Yomiko's voice was drowned out by the volume with which Nenene responded.

"You're a fan? I'm not an idol singer or some TV celebrity. I'm an author, damnit. You read the stories I write and you are moved; that's enough. So why the hell, then, would you feel you gotta get a signature? A signature's just a name, you know."

(I need to keep a reference of what I'm using for the translation of Nenene's book titles. I think I've done them a variety of different ways by now.)



Posted on 2009.09.20 at 14:26

Yomiko shook her head politely as she answered.

Nenene made a disagreeable face.

"That kinda thing's been happening a lot lately. Keep getting random wordless phone calls, and when I leave the house, I feel like someone's tailing me. Thanks to all that, I haven't gotten any writing done, whatsoever!"

"Umm, might that be something about which you should notify the police...?"

"Already did! They just said 'We will step up our patrols,' and that's it! The hell kind of half-assed response's that! They're being paid with my taxes; they'd better do their job right!"

As she spoke, Nenene began to pace around the room, most likely spurred on by her rising emotions.

"And just to top it all off, this letter! Who the hell's Paul? I'm Nenene! Most people'd call me Sumiregawa Nenene!"

She punctuated her last comment with a jab of her thumb toward her chest. That action would normally come across as boastful, but it seemed strangely fitting to see Nenene do it. It was if it wordlessly communicated the strong ego and self-esteem that lay within her.

"I know all about you. You debuted with
You Know Me when you were just thirteen years old, and since then five million copies have been sold, making you the best-selling wunderkind of junior novel publishing world! Your favorite food is cheesecake , and when you take a bath, you first wash your right foot, right~! *"

Yomiko's ardor was carried in her voice, which rose in pitch as she spoke.

"... You sure do know a lot about me, don't you."

* Well, that got really creepy, really fast.


p 70

Posted on 2009.07.29 at 22:17
"Yes--! That's just it!"

The tone of Yomiko's voice jumped up a level.

"The thing is, well! I, for you, Sumiregawa-sensei, may be of some measure of service."

In response to Yomiko's beaming expression, Nenene raised an eyebrow.

".... Waitaminute, you? You the one who's been hasslin' me lately?"


Nenene produced a single envelope from the midst of some documents that she had scattered on the table and thrust it toward Yomiko.

It was a plain white envelope, with no distinguishing characteristics. No stamp, postmark, or address had been recorded on it. It looked as if someone might have personally delivered it.

After examining it closely, Yomiko extracted its contents and looked over the message within.

A single sheet of unruled paper had been inserted into the envelope.

At its center was but a single line of text.

"I'll be coming after you soon. To my Paul S"

The characters had been printed on a word processor. The letter gave away no meaning, no connections, no sense of the nature or personality of its author.

"What may this letter be?"

"Found it in my home mailbox yesterday. It was you, wasn't it?"


p 69

Posted on 2009.07.29 at 21:36

Right behind her was Yomiko, still kneeling formally.

"Excellent work, Sumiregawa-sensei."

Thus said Yomiko, with a surprisingly unperturbed expression, to Nenene.

"... Who the hell are you?"

Apparently she hadn't made that much of an impression on Nenene's memory, as the girl had put on a suspicious expression.

"I'm Yomiko Readman."


Nenene repeated back the foreign-sounding name.

"My father was English, my mother, Japanese, so I'm biracial, you see. Starting today, I'll be the substitute teacher for world history here."

"Teachin' world history? Abe-chan's... Ah, out for pregnancy leave?"

"Yes. I'm not nearly experienced enough, but please treat me well."

Yomiko pressed her hands to the floor and bowed deeply.

"... If you're teachin' that class, what're you doing here?"

It looked as if she had indeed forgotten her last conversation with Yomiko. The end of her statement was abrupt, and it seemed that her head was lost in a muddle of confusion.


p 68

Posted on 2009.07.02 at 20:23
(I would like to remind everyone that these are quick, initial drafts...)
Though she was unaware of Yomiko's desires, Nenene rolled her chair in various directions while she continued to work on her drafts. It was almost as if she were trying to block Yomiko's view of the screens.

And from behind her, Yomiko was now moving half of her body around as she tried to see those screens.

From a third person's perspective, this would have resembled basketball offense and defense.

Without speaking, the two continued their movements.

"Aaaand... Finiiiished!"

Sending her last draft off to the editing department via the net, Nenene gave vent to her joy.

She had somehow met her deadline for those four drafts.

She'd never before cut it so close with her schedule, but this time some sort of writer's block had taken up residence in her head.

...... In all honesty, it'd probably be best for her to talk it over with someone.

Her will seemingly gone slack, she let loose a giant yawn. It was futile. Lately, she hadn't been getting anywhere near enough sleep, as her precious sleep time was continuously interrupted.

Looking at her wristwatch, she found it had already turned 4 in the afternoon.

Looked like it was time to go home. Go home, and sleep, and then, perhaps think things over.

Nenene stood up from her chain and turned around.


p 67

Posted on 2009.06.30 at 23:08
She had lost count of her attempts, but she called out yet again.

However, her voice was drowned out by the keystrokes that sounded through the quiet library.

"Sumiregawa, Sensei~!"

Drawing a bit closer, she raised her voice one level. Even with that, the girl didn’t turn to look at her.

“Senshi~, errr~!”

Just as Yomiko stood right behind her target and moved her arms into position to grab the girl’s shoulders, Nenene suddenly turned about.


A spectacular chop came swinging down toward Yomiko’s forehead.


Taking the rapid blow right in the part of her hair, Yomiko staggered about. However, this was more from surprise than from pain.

Nenene roared down at Yomiko, who had unsteadily plopped herself down right where she stood.

“Stay the hell out of my way~!”

“I, I’m sorry...”

Rubbing her forehead, Yomiko unthinkingly switched to a more formal style of kneeling. That rebuke had been enough to make her recoil.

“....... Hmph~!”

From behind Nenene, who had relaunched her writing, Yomiko craned her neck about awkwardly as she tried to glimpse the notebooks’ screen.

It would be awful to know how the story would end, but she was quite interested as to what Nenene was writing. The mentality of a fan is quite complex.



Posted on 2009.06.30 at 22:09
Oh look, a new page.


Her fingers flew over the cramped keyboard. They danced, they ran, with keystrokes too fast to be seen, spinning forth words onto the screen. Surprisingly, the sentences appeared to conflict with each other.

The sound she had heard before was that made by these same keys being struck.

However, by comparison to the key's previous percussion, this was now more akin to a firing machine gun.That was the only match for this intensity and force.


After all, without having received verbal confirmation, Yomiko was quite convinced that this was indeed that which was Nenene.

Though her physical form couldn't be called large, her presence was a millionfold stronger. It was as menacing as an engine running at full blast.

That is to be expected of a writer in the midst of the fevered creative process.

With Nenene in this state, she completely failed to notice Yomiko's feelings or disheveled appearance as she continued to vigorously pound away at the keys.

Occasionally she slid along the desk, shuttling from notebook to notebook as she finished up four drafts at once. The nature of the drafts' content was impossible to discern.

Nearly lost in a sea of longing, Yomiko suddenly remembered her objective.

"Sumiregawa, Sensei~!"


There is a reason for the lack of updates...

Posted on 2009.05.09 at 17:40
Current Mood: bitchyGod, it hurts so much!
My wrists have declared war on me, and as such, I haven't been and won't be able to type much outside of work until that problem is solved.

Meanwhile, please accept this link to photos of awesome libraries.


p65 (In which Yomiko serves as Nenene's muse)

Posted on 2009.02.09 at 11:10
(Notice: the spellings of character names from Nenene's books will vary wildly until I get to editing this stuff, since I have no freaking clue of the original intent. I'll probably need to go back and verify Nenene's brainstorming, as well. Please check your faith in my abilities at the door.)


"..... That.... that's it!"


"He truly regrets what he did to Medusea! Having slain her little sister, he loses himself in despair! He plugs up his ears and covers his eyes, and throws himself into a world of darkness and silence!"

Her voice was laced with a timbre of excitement. Out of the details she had considered before, she finally had made a breakthrough.

"Se--, Sensei--! So, who can defeat Baks now! If Medusea's come to this!" (1)

The main character having been tricked into doing evil, even before the climax of the tale, had to be too major a problem to overcome.

Nenene sent Yomiko's concerns flying like a speck of dust in the wind.

"I'm not thinking about that now!"

At that self-confident declaration, Yomiko's eyes grew round behind her glasses.

"Alllright! I can work with this!"

"Can you really say that, Sensei--?"

Suddenly, Nenene turned in place, sat back down in her chair, and poised her fingers over one of the notebook computers' keyboards. Oddly enough, each of the various notebooks seemed to be of different makes.


One moment she breathed a small sigh, and the next she was banging violently away at the keys.

(1)Yeah, pretty damn certain I got antecedents confused somewhere in Nenene's babbling. This is a rough draft, damnit, and she was really babbling! D:


p64 (In which Snape kills Dumbledore)

Posted on 2009.02.09 at 10:12
(p63 is an illustration of Nenene in the throes of writer's block)


"Eh-? Eh-? Eh-?"

Yomiko was steadily forced backward by Nenene's onslaught, until her back was pressed against the nearest bookcase.

While she was half a head taller than the girl, the near-demonic force projected by Nenene's demeanor shot down any hope of opposition.

"You just went and killed your little sister! Whatcha gonna do? C'mon, whadda ya do?"

"... Is this about
Glendard and the Jesters?"

The names that Nenene kept dropping were those of characters from her recent fantasy novel series. Of course, Yomiko had read it.

"Wait a--... aaah!! Is Faltz is going to die?!

"You bet! Mildrowd's evil potion makes him go on a wild, sword-swinging rampage! Then Medusea kills his ass!"

"No! Please stop~! This'll take the fun out of reading it when it comes out!"

Yomiko covered her ears with her hands and shook her head in protest.

"You've known this guy since childhood! And then this little sister of yours, who's aaalllways been by your side, 's been killed by the bastard! Well, how about that--? How does that make you feel!"

"Lalala, I can't hear you! Laaa laaa laaa!"

Still covering her ears, Yomiko sank into a crouch. For a tale that held such promise, true satisfaction would only be derived from reading it for herself. Even when given by the original author herself, telling her spoilers would never make her particularly happy.

However, as Nenene noticed Yomiko's position, the look in her eyes began to change.


I must say that I enjoyed this page immensely.

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