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Posted on 2016.11.22 at 21:21
Current Mood: sicksick

Yomiko stood up from the sofa and headed for the kitchen.

Though it was rude, she opened the fridge, which was full of P.E.T. bottles of mineral and flavored water. Peering behind the bottles, she spotted some beer cans that may have been intentionally hidden. There wasn’t a single item you could call a meal ingredient.


Yomiko returned to the living room and began to absently search the place.

A giant wall projector was hooked up to a DVD player. On the table’s surface lay remote controls for the AC and other systems. It looked like a model room, clean and tidy, but without a lived-in smell.
In this room, Yomiko stumbled upon one relic of the inhabitants. A decorative shelf held a display stand containing a photo.

“Oh my.”

It was a photo of the Sumiregawa family. It looked like she had still been in elementary school, but there was a young, cheerful looking Nenene, hair already sticking out in the back, smiling and holding hands with a man who was apparently her father and a women who looked to be her mother.



Posted on 2016.11.09 at 21:48
Yomiko’s impression was simple, but accurately captured the nature of the apartment. It was indeed quite huge and roomy. However, beyond that, it utterly lacked the feel of a lived-in space.

“Let’s set you down all careful-like,” Nenene thoughtlessly remarked as she slung down her backpack, bearing a single laptop within it, and placed it on the floor.

“Oookay, if you’d excuse me….”

Yomiko sat down on the sofa in the middle of the living room, rested her body against its back, and snuggled deeply into the cushions.

“Not gonna take off your coat? It’ll get wrinkled.”

“Don’t worry about me…”

Keeping a coat on inside seemed a bit strange, but Nenene wasn’t about to push her to take it off, so she said no more of it.

“I’m gonna go change. Just wait a sec.” With that, Nenene disappeared down the hallway.

“Take your time…”

After watching Nenene leave, Yomiko turned her attention back to the contents of the room. She was visiting the house of an author she admired. Surely a fan should be excited by this, but for some reason, this was making her feel uneasy.



Posted on 2016.10.31 at 01:11
It was then that Yomiko realized that Nenene had been standing there the whole time.


Nenene had seemed tired, but now in her expression undercurrents of deep strain were revealed.

In the library room and at the approach to the school, she had shown none of the pale weakness that was now evident.

Still kneeling, Yomiko softly took Nenene’s hand. Nenene stiffened with surprise and looked down at her.

Yomiko gave her a smile that spread across her whole face, the kind of overeagerly artless smile she was so wont to give.

“Don’t worry yourself, Sensei. I’ll be with you.”

“... I’m NOT that worried.”

Nenene brushed Yomiko’s concerns aside with a wave of her hand. Her voice had regained its usual tone.


“Uwaaa, it’s huge; there’s so much room…”

Unit 1602. This was the first expression Yomiko gave upon entering Nenene’s apartment.

A hallway lined with innumerable doors led to a living room more akin to a classroom in size. Were one to sweep their gaze to the side, they would espy a dine-in kitchen. Visible through a large window was a line of potted decorative plants lining a veranda.



Posted on 2016.10.31 at 01:10
“... Is it alright if I open this?”

Yomiko thrust an envelope in front of Nenene’s face. Nenene wordlessly nodded.

“Here goes.”

Yomiko traced a fingertip along the back of the envelope. It seemed a trivial motion, and yet the glued flap of the envelope was sliced open as if by a letter opener.

What was pulled from inside was a quad-folded piece of white paper.

It wasn’t even stationery, but merely an ordinary piece of white paper. Yomiko slowly opened it, while Nenene dropped her gaze to follow.

The contents therein read as you would expect.

“I’ll be coming to meet you soon. -Yours, Paul S.”

Nenene’s brows began to furrow as Yomiko stooped to gather more and more envelopes, revealing their contents as before.

“You cannot escape. -Yours, Paul S.”

“Sorry for the wait. -Yours, Paul S.”

“I know you. - Yours, Paul S.”

With little variation in contents, it was clear that these had all been sent by one person. Although, they seemingly had not been sent via the postal service. Rather, they had been hand delivered directly.

“... Hmm?”



Posted on 2016.09.23 at 21:39
Current Mood: workingworking
The mailbox’s raison d’etre was on full display, its narrow slot stuffed to the limit with mail.


“It’s letters, packages, and so forth, yes?”

Yomiko had piped up cheerily, but Nenene retorted with a harder tone.

“...No way should this much stuff show up in one day. Not when it was totally empty this morning…”

Nenene had checked her mail before heading to school that morning. At the time, there hadn’t been a single scrap of paper in there.

For her job, there were certain days when novels or essay magazines were sent, but never so much as to make the mailbox this full.

As Yomiko watched, Nenene turned the dial on the mailbox and opened its door.


As if they had been waiting for this moment, fluttering papers surged down around their feet with the force of a waterfall.The grey tiled floor was promptly awash with white.

“Oh, my…”

Yomiko picked up one paper from the mass as Nenene stood frozen and speechless.

Once inspected, it proved to be not a piece of paper, but an envelope. It was an easy mistake to make, as it bore no decoration, color, or writing of any kind.


Official editor recruitment post~

Posted on 2010.07.06 at 11:12
I was intending to email those of you who had expressed an interest in editing this project, but then I realized that a number of people had contacted me in ways that prevented me from emailing them directly. Thus, here we go with a public post.


R.O.D. Light Novels Translation Project Editor
Primary Duties
--regularly emailing/messaging me to prod me into translating more
--emailing/messaging me again when I ignore you the first time
--providing neutral feedback on standardizing translations of terms/names/idioms
--catching English grammatical errors that I miss from my brain trying to bridge two insane languages

These tasks could theoretically be crowd-sourced, but (1) that is a stupid term, and (2) responding to one person going "hey, this part is kind of vague; what was the original text here?" is a lot easier than doing that with a dozen incoming requests; for greater fidelity to the original text, a single editor is the way to go. (It's also a lot easier to tell a faceless crowd vs a single editor to go buzz off when I want to play Borderlands. We want to avoid this.)

--a solid grasp on English grammar
--tolerance for potentially having emails/messages dodged
--ability to commit to this until the 1st book is done at the very least (how long that would be depends on the strength of your whip-cracking arm)

--getting to read new pages before everyone else
--ensuring that new pages are actually being translated for you to read
--the consumable item of your choice if you are ever in the Boston area


Those who feel they are up to the task, plz comment below. Make certain your comment is linked to an email or PM-able account of some sort. If more than one person comments, we shall begin The Trial of the Editor, using my secret methodology.


ETA: Deadline for signups will be Monday morning, as I will be offline until then.

Later... PoolPost now closed!


Editing has begun!

Posted on 2010.04.05 at 23:13
Man, some of the older stuff was very...slapdash. Apparently I have gotten better at Japanese since I last did p53, because that translation sucked. That page is now up on Baka-tsuki in non-sucky form, and more such pages should be joining it shortly. If at all possible, I intend to go over one page each day until I clear through that stuff (hopefully faster, so as to hit new material sooner, but at least at that speed).

Gambare, self!



Posted on 2010.03.16 at 16:12
(1) I am currently preparing materials for two solo panels (hello there, borderline oxymoron) at Anime Boston. As such, I am quite occupied. Thus...

(2) Rewriting of existing pages will continue for Baka-tsuki after that. Do not reveal pages on the wiki, seriously! I don't want anyone to waste their time editing stuff that will be slain wholesale in early April.

(3) I could really use a semi-official editor, besides the drive-by wiki ones, as my previous one appears to have fallen off the radar.



Posted on 2009.10.27 at 22:52
At those unexpectedly heartfelt words, Nenene's ardor cooled a bit.

"I bet there are others who feel the same way, too. But you know, when you like someone, you want to learn more about them, right?"

"Like? Me? Even though you just met me?"

"Yes. Because beyond that, I've read so very much."

Yomiko's statement was impossible to misinterpret. Her words were as guileless as those of a child.

"...And I just told you, that's not me; that's my books."

"One and the same. After all, didn't you say that you put your all into them?"


Yomiko began to flip gently through
The Streetcorner where the Cats Are, her fingers moving the pages with apparent loving care.

"The extent to which you throw yourself into your writing is made clear to me through this paper."

With that, Yomiko turned her gaze directly onto Nenene, smiling unguardedly.

"I, truly, love you."

An awkward silence fell. Odds are neither one wanted to address a certain tiny implication in that statement.

Having just been hit by a statement that could be interpreted as a confession of love, Nenene's expression shifted to one of simultaneous befuddlement and rage. Yomiko quietly replaced the letter's envelope.


Oh, GJ, Yomiko. That was smooth. Smooth like my raw translations.



Posted on 2009.10.25 at 23:25
"Huh? But, I meant..."

"I put every last bit of myself into my writing. Whatever fixation you have should be aimed not at me, but at my books--nothing more."

For any popular author, sometimes particularly "excessive" fans would develop grandiose ideas and send letters or presents. For one of Nenene's class, the ratio of such fans tends to skyrocket. This clearly wasn't the first time she'd had to deal with this.

"An author and a novel are two. Separate. Things. If you start looking for more outside the book, you're just gonna confuse yourself!"

Yomiko choked out a response to Nenene's strong statement.

"...Is...that so..."


Dropping her gaze, Yomiko stacked the books and the letter.

"I... I read your books, and I was truly moved. I wondered, what was she like, this teller of magnificent tales?"


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