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Posted on 2016.09.23 at 21:39
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The mailbox’s raison d’etre was on full display, its narrow slot stuffed to the limit with mail.


“It’s letters, packages, and so forth, yes?”

Yomiko had piped up cheerily, but Nenene retorted with a harder tone.

“...No way should this much stuff show up in one day. Not when it was totally empty this morning…”

Nenene had checked her mail before heading to school that morning. At the time, there hadn’t been a single scrap of paper in there.

For her job, there were certain days when novels or essay magazines were sent, but never so much as to make the mailbox this full.

As Yomiko watched, Nenene turned the dial on the mailbox and opened its door.


As if they had been waiting for this moment, fluttering papers surged down around their feet with the force of a waterfall.The grey tiled floor was promptly awash with white.

“Oh, my…”

Yomiko picked up one paper from the mass as Nenene stood frozen and speechless.

Once inspected, it proved to be not a piece of paper, but an envelope. It was an easy mistake to make, as it bore no decoration, color, or writing of any kind.

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